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Upcoming Zoning Changes

posted Dec 1, 2013, 4:40 PM by Kim Headland
During the next General Meeting scheduled for 12/04 at 6:30pm at the Children's Board (1002 E. Palm Avenue), attendees will discuss preferences for the re-zoning of lots located within the expanded Ybor City Historic District.  Updated historicdistrict map here.  This area will be rezoned with the "YC" classifications in the new year. 

Linked here are a series of maps that illustrate the existing parcel widths and comprehensive plan densities (FAR) for this portion of the neighborhood. 

It is important to note that while "frontages" are important to consider for each zoning category, allowable uses, height requirements, and setbacks are also critical to the future of the neighborhood and how it may develop. 

A few items to note.  Residential parcels currently zoned as single family RS-50 may be rezoned to:

YC-2.  This zoning classification requires a 25 foot frontage.  This more narrow lot width would allow for existing, larger vacant parcels to be subdivided and subsequently developed at an increased density to the current parcels.  It also allows for a more dense and wider range of residential units inclusive of multi-family, single family attached, etc.


YC-8.  This zoning classification requires a 40 foot frontage.  This more narrow lot width would still allow for existing, larger vacant parcels to be subdivided and potentially developed at a slightly increased density to the current urban pattern.  Allowable uses include single family detached homes, but disallows multi-family uses.


A new YC zoning category such as YC-10, defined with a frontage more comparable to the existing RS-50 zoned parcels (i.e. 50').  This would also be the most similar to the neighborhood's existing urban fabric and pattern.  Allowable uses in a new zoning classification would need to be determined, but could be developed to closely match the allowable current uses.

Commercial parcels currently zoned as a CG or CN (primarily Nebraska Avenue) may be re-zoned to:

YC-4 - This zoning has a smaller frontage requirement, but does not allow for several uses that CG zoning currently has - alcoholic sales, microbreweries, pharmacies, etc.


YC 5 - This zoning has a larger frontage requirement and allows for the most number of uses.  It is most comparable to the current CG zoning. 

Review the tables in the current City Code and compare setbacks, allowable uses, height limitations, etc. in the tables here

Example:  Vacant 95'' x 100' lot at 17th Avenue / 10th Street currently zoned RS-50.

If rezoned to YC-2, this could be developed as 3 individual parcels without a variance.  Multi-family residences are allowed on each parcel.  The rear setback would be 10'.

If rezoned to YC-8, this lot could be developed as 2 individual parcels without a variance, each with a maximum of 1 residential single family unit.  The rear yard set-back would be 20'.

If rezoned to a new YC-10 category (matching current frontage requirements of 50'), this lot could be developed as a single family home (slightly larger than the YC-8 classification) on a parcel similar to other parcels in the V.M. Ybor neighborhood.