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Cuscaden Pool Update

posted Jan 24, 2014, 7:48 AM by VM Ybor Information
Cuscaden Pool Update - the next report from Administration due in early June. Thanks to Council and everyone who contacted Council Members, keeping this issue alive over the last several months, ensuring it is a priority as the FY15 budget is developed. A few important statements from yesterday:

"The administration has heard loud and clear the concerns of the council and the concerns of the residents," city economic opportunity administrator Bob McDonaugh said. "We recogn...ize its historic importance."

In the next 120 days, McDonaugh said officials will try to take a comprehensive look at what can be done with the oval-shaped, above-ground pool. "We will come back with a plan to City Council for a long-term, sustainable use for that project."

“The Mayor is committed to a long term sustainable plan for the project, whether that is a renovation in its existing form or some other way of utilizing it for long term. The Mayor will come up with a plan and bring it back to City Council”.

Summary can be found in this brief TBT article covering Council topics from yesterday (second topic covered in the linked article below):