Neighborhood Boundaries
V.M. Ybor's boundaries are 26th Avenue to the north, I-4 to the south, 15th Street to the east, and I-275 to the west.  However, membership from adjacent areas is welcomed and participation in events is encouraged!  Map.

About the Historic V.M. Ybor Neighborhood
As Ybor prospered in the national post-World War I economy, well-positioned factory workers began moving north, past La Michiga, what is now Columbus Drive.  A larger, greater Ybor City developed.  These new homes were a substantial improvement from the standard shotgun and smaller worker housing in the central Ybor core.  They were larger one or two story bungalows (averaging 1,400sf and up), beautifully painted and landscaped.   There were curbs, paved streets, common alleys and sidewalks.  

Soon this new housing typology was sought after by Ybor City office staff, accountants, and supervisors, helping to increase the density of this burgeoning neighborhood.  There were wonderful amenities such as the Centro Austuriano Hospital on 21st Avenue, the “Old Folks Home” on 12th Street, and eventually Cuscaden Pool and Park. This diverse community was intricately tied to Ybor’s prosperity and quickly became a desirable, safe neighborhood.  

The V.M. Ybor Neighborhood was named for the Vicente Martinez Ybor,  Spanish founder of Ybor City's Cigar Industry in 1885.  Today, V.M. Ybor neighborhood still enjoys many urban amenities and close proximity to Ybor City and downtown Tampa. It is truly a gem in Tampa’s urban core!

Below is a slide show containing photos courtesy of the Tampa-Hillsborough County Public Library System.  Images are from the greater V.M. Ybor neighborhood area inclusive of the Nebraska Avenue Corridor.  Enjoy!    

Historic Photos of the Greater V.M. Ybor Area

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