“Community is not found easily these days. So when you find even a little, life seems richer.”

V.M. Ybor where everybody says “Hi.”

The best way to find out if you’ll be happy in a new neighborhood is to get to know the people. We’d like to introduce ourselves. If you see us walking the dog or sitting on the porch, say hello. The energy of V.M. Ybor comes from people in all walks of life—blue and white collar, young and old, newcomers and long-time residents.


V.M. Ybor is a neighborhood association of your neighbors around the corner and down the street working together to make a great neighborhood even better. We promote home ownership, fight blight, encourage business and investments in the neighborhood, improve parks and public spaces, combat crime as well as fund and organize a year-round schedule of social activities. By becoming a member you help to keep the momentum going as we work together to make V.M. Ybor a more enjoyable place to live, work and play. If you’re an interested person living, owning property or operating a business within the V.M. Ybor area – you can become a member!

Please attend one of our social events or a monthly meeting. See our calendar of events and contact information.


The more people we involve in our activities, the stronger our neighborhood association becomes. If you would like to get out a little, have some fun, meet your neighbors, and do good things then please volunteer. You can design your own project if you wish, just let us know what you would like to do. To volunteer, please email us.

Please also join the V.M. Ybor Neighborhood Association; the $10 for 1/2 year, or $20 for a full year

The Bunker social event!

  The Bunker

1907 N. 19th St.

7/22, 11- 12 PM

The Bunker social event is pet, family and coffee lover friendly! Come out and join Chrissy along with other neighbors and friends for coffee, tea or a snack.  Afterwards, head over to the only open all year market, the Ybor City Saturday Market.  Or perhaps you'll be attending the donation based Yoga class at 9:30 in the museum gardens first blocks away from us!

Image may contain: outdoor and waterShark Week Party 4: NEW ENGLAND INVASION OCCASION!!

Please join your neighbors and friends for a porch party at Nick and Leo's house.

Happy Summer all! It's time for beach days, tan lines and - cue Jaws theme - SHARK WEEK PARTY 2017! We are so excited to welcome you to the NEW ENGLAND INVASION OCCASION edition of the jawsome soiree. Finally, cranberries, blackberries, and blueberries can grace our cocktails. Lobster and clams can accent anything meant for the mouth. Do you take comfort in baked beans or baked potatoes? The culinary possibilities are endless here. As always, please have FUN dressing to theme and showcasing your wicked creativity with food or drink creations. We will laugh, take lasting photos, and eat/drink to our hearts' content.
Saturday, July 29 at 7 PM at 2810 N. 10th Street

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